Monday, November 28


Genesis 3:1-14


Talk about these questions with your family or group.


    • How do you usually respond when Mom or Dad tells you to do something?
    • Why do you think it’s so hard to obey our parents sometimes?
    • Talk to your parents about sin…what is it, and what it does to us? 

    Teens & Adults:

    • In this passage, what was the serpent’s strategy to attack Eve?
    • God told Adam in verses 16 & 17 about eating the fruit of this tree. The serpent questioned Eve about it. How did Eve know what God had said about the fruit?
    • Have you felt the difference between studying God’s word for yourself vs. listening to someone else retelling it? What is the big difference for you?
    • What happens to our Hope levels when our eyes are opened to our own sin (verse 7)?


  • We would feel the weight of what sin does to us
  • We would desire to read the Bible for ourselves
  • We would develop God’s view of sin
  • Reveal in us the places we have been disobedient so we can move towards Him in repentance