Saturday, December 24

If one day can capture what it means to await the arrival of something, it’s today.  

“Can we open one gift today??”

“I’m going to bed EARLY tonight, so Christmas gets here faster!”

When we were kids, there was a palpable impatience about today. The presents under the tree were CALLING OUR NAMES. 

But (most of us) were made to wait. Could you wait until Christmas?  

Wait until it arrives…

Advent is the season of celebrating the arrival of the Newborn King.  

But it is also a time to yearn for the return of our Conquering King.

Shouldn’t we have the same yearning… the same longing for that day to come.

For one day, he will.  

And the gifts under the tree will give way to the gift of seeing him face-to-face.

While we wait for tomorrow… waiting until Christmas

Let’s spend today celebrating the fact that Jesus is coming back.  

Let’s yearn for the day when he comes.

Wait until HE arrives with eager longing.

Come, oh come, Emmanuel!


Have one person light the candles from the first four weeks, remembering together what you’ve learned about God’s faithfulness during Advent. After reading Luke 2:1-20, have another person light the fifth candle—the Christ candle.


 Luke 2:1-20


Talk about these questions with your family or group.


    • Have you learned anything new about Jesus during our Advent readings?
    • The shepherds heard from an angel, traveled to Bethlehem, and met the newborn Savior. They then went back “glorifying and praising God for all they had heard and seen.” What is something that you can praise God for today?

    Teens & Adults:

    • Shepherds were out minding their own business when an angel appeared. Have you ever received a life-altering message from God that came out of nowhere? Tell us about it.
    • Take a few moments to talk about something you have seen God do in someone’s life recently. How does something like that help you glorify and praise God?


  • That we would celebrate Jesus rescuing us from our sins and look forward to him coming back as King
  • That we would long for him to show up in our lives unannounced and surprise us with grace
  • That we would be moved to praise by what he’s doing in the lives of those around us