Tuesday, November 29


Genesis 3:14-19


Talk about these questions with your family or group.


    • What are some ways you have been disciplined for disobeying your parents?
    • Have you ever thought it was unfair that you were disciplined like that?
    • Is it weird to think about God disciplining Adam and Eve for not obeying what He said?
    • Today’s reading includes the first promise about Jesus coming to save us from our sins. Do you think Jesus can help us do the right thing more often? 

    Teens & Adults:

    • We feel the effects of sin in our world today. Where can you see it think big picture and personally? 
    • As Christians, we have a great hope that resides in Jesus. Do you have trouble knowing it to be true? Why do we struggle with this truth? 
    • How does verse 15 impact the way we should think about Christmas? How can that affect our Hope during the holidays?


  • We would begin to HATE the sin with which we struggle
  • We would remember the steps Jesus took to crush the serpent’s head
  • We would place our hope in Jesus