Weekly Check-In: Reading Plan


Welcome to our weekly check-in, which includes Day 1 of our Hear: Reading Plan!


Whether you read in a physical Bible, a Bible app (like YouVersion), or bookmark the Follow: Hear page to read on your phone/computer, we're excited to work on strengthening our rhythms of hearing from God through His Word!


On that same Follow: Hear page,  you'll also find resources to help on this journey of reading and memorizing scripture! If you need a copy of the reading plan to print or save to your phone, we have that here! We also have  phone backgrounds with the memory verse on them.


As with most things, this journey is better together. Check with your small group to see who wants to join you. Encourage accountability with a friend or spouse. Read the passages as a family. Whatever you do, remember that you're part of a church body that has many people on this same reading plan with you! How cool is that?!


Again, there are many ways to read scripture. Find what works best for you and stick with it!


See ya next week!

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