How's Your Hearing


Hey there! It's time for another weekly check-in. Can you believe it?

Imagine this: a message from anyone (currently alive or not), reaching you in the form of a handwritten letter, an email, a text, or a DM on your socials. Picture the thrill of opening it—the excitement, the connection. 

Now, in the midst of all these potential messages, consider the one voice that surpasses them all—God's.

To truly walk in the footsteps of Jesus, hearing from God is key. So, let's get real: amidst the daily buzz, the chaos, and the countless messages, are you actively tuning in to hear what God has to say?

Whether you prefer a physical Bible, a Bible app (like YouVersion), or bookmarking the Follow: Hear page, we're eager to strengthen our connection with God through His Word!

Discover resources for reading and memorizing scripture on our webpage. Need the reading plan or a memory verse background? We've got you covered.

This journey is better together! Invite your small group, a friend, or your family along. You're part of a church community with many on the same reading plan – how cool is that?

Find your reading groove, stick with it, and let's continue on this adventure!

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