How's It Going? Week 3 Check-In!


Are you starting to form a rhythm of reading and worshipping in your time with God? We hope so! If you’ve slipped a bit, that’s understandable. Each new morning brings the potential for a fresh start. The main thing is God wants you to be empowered by His Spirit and guided by His Word. That’s when things really start to flourish!

This weekend, Pastor Michael gave us another idea for our time in God's Word: Read Luke + Acts before the end of the year.

We think there’s something special about reading from a physical bible, but a Bible app (like YouVersion) is also great! You can even hit a button so it reads to you, so you can listen to it too. There are also additional resources on the Follow: Hear page to enrich our journey.

Click here for today’s passage to give you a head start on your day!

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