2023 Advent - Day 3



After you have lit the candle of Hope and you prepare yourself for worship, listen to the following song, and sing along if you know it: "His Name is Jesus" by Jeremy Riddle  

As you worship, meditate on the names of Jesus. 


Read the following passage: Genesis 3: 8-15 

As you study, consider the promise to Adam of the coming Messiah. Then, answer the questions below to dive in deeper!  

Reflection Questions: 

  • How do you express hope in your life when facing challenges or difficult situations?
  • What was the promise given to Adam about a coming Messiah?
  • How might Adam have shared the promise with his family or descendants?
  • Why is it important for people to share stories of hope and promises with others?


Lord, we thank You that even at the Fall, You had a plan to save us. We praise You for being the true and better Adam, and our perfect Redeemer.

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