2023 Advent - Day 7



As you prepare yourself for worship, listen to the following song, and sing along if you know it: "Jesus You Alone" by Highlands Worship

As you worship, meditate on the divinity of Jesus. 


Read the following passage: Psalm 2: 1-12 

As you study, consider the promise of the Son to the Nations. Then, answer the questions below to dive deeper!

Reflection Questions: 

  • Can you think of a time in your life when you were rebelling against God? Who or what eventually brought you to repentance?
  • How do these verses describe God’s sovereignty (His ultimate authority over all creation)?
  • What does it look like for a Christian to acknowledge and submit to the reign and rule of Christ in their daily life?
  • What does this passage teach you about the divinity of Jesus (or His divine status as God)?


Lord, we thank You for being our place of refuge. We praise You for being God and the holy Anointed One, ruling over us with justice and peace. 

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