2023 Advent - Day 10



As you prepare yourself for worship, listen to the following song, and sing along if you know it: "That's the Power" by Hillsong Worship

As you worship, meditate on the power of Jesus. 


Read the following passage: Isaiah 9: 2-7 

 As you study, consider the Old Testament promise of the coming King. Then, answer the questions below to dive deeper!

Reflection Questions: 

  • What names are given to the child in verse 6? What do you think each of these names signifies?
  • How does the passage convey the eternal nature of these promises?
  • According to the passage, what is the great light that the people who walked in darkness have seen?
  • How does the passage describe the response of the people to the light?


Lord, we proclaim Your dominion as our Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace! We give You glory for Your ultimate power as our Light and the source of our joy.

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