2023 Advent - Day 27



As you prepare yourself for worship, listen to the following song, and sing along if you know it: "It Was Finished Upon That Cross" by City Alight

As you worship, meditate on the resurrection of Jesus. 


Read the following passage: Revelation 5: 1-14

As you study, consider how the promise of the Messiah points to Christ’s exaltation (His resurrection, ascension, session–which means being seated at the right hand of God–, and then His eventual return and judgment.) Then, answer the questions below to dive deeper!

Reflection Questions: 

  • What caused John’s weeping? What could cause this kind of profound sorrow? How might you identify with John’s loud weeping?
  • Why is the Lamb called “the Lion of the tribe of Judah” and “the Root of David”? What do these titles teach us about Him? 
  • How can Jesus be both a lion and a slain lamb who is worthy to open the scroll? How does this truth impact your daily worship?
  • How does the fact that God is on His throne encourage you to trust Him more in the difficult areas of your life? How does it help you to know that God is in complete control of human history?


Lord, we proclaim Your victory over death, Hell, and the grave! We give You our worship as the ones You have ransomed. Worthy, worthy, worthy are You, our Lord and God!

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