'Best Sermon Ever' Series

The Danger In Judging Others - Best Sermon Ever

Michael Nave
July 24, 2023

Jesus taught us the importance of fair judgment instead of being judgmental. The Holy Spirit brings many positive characteristics, including self-control. As we go on our spiritual journeys, we are responsible for supporting each other and being positive influences for those around us. It's important to remember that people who do not follow Jesus may not understand or appreciate our beliefs. However, we can still share our convictions with kindness and respect, explaining why we believe what we do. Our goal should be to share Jesus' teachings without being the "Moral Police" for non-believers' behavior. Everything we share is based on our relationship with Jesus and cannot be imposed on those outside the Kingdom. This is freeing for us as we get to share our joy for the Kingdom and spread the seeds of the Gospel message while leaving the growth of those seeds to the Lord!

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