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Best Sermon Ever. | Week: 1

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Sermon Mount Human Flourishing: By Jonathon Pennington "Sermon on the Mount" by Jonathan Pennington is an insightful exploration of Jesus' teachings. With deep knowledge of biblical scholarship, Pennington brings the words of Jesus to life, revealing their profound meaning and practical relevance. Through engaging writing and careful examination of the historical context, readers are invited to embark on a transformative journey of discipleship. This book inspires, challenges, and deepens understanding of Jesus' radical teachings on righteousness, prayer, love, forgiveness, and more. A must-read for scholars, pastors, and truth-seekers.

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The Sermon on the Mount and Jesus as the New Moses

What Is the Sermon on the Mount? - Jesus Film ProjectDiscover the fascinating connection between Jesus and Moses in the book of Matthew! In this thought-provoking article, the author explores the idea that Matthew's Gospel can be summarized by the word "fulfillment," as Jesus emerges as the fulfillment of Israel's long-awaited hopes and dreams. Explore the implicit references and imagery that draw striking parallels between Jesus and Moses, even though Jesus is not directly given titles like "the prophet like Moses." Explore two foundational passages in the Scriptures that support the concept of a new Moses, and unravel how Matthew masterfully presents Jesus as the ultimate teacher and prophet. You'll be captivated by the organization of Jesus' teachings into distinct discourses and the intriguing setup of the Sermon on the Mount, which echoes Moses' ascent to receive the law on Mount Sinai. By the end, you'll gain a profound understanding of how Matthew presents Jesus as the new Moses, delivering the transformative teachings of the new covenant. Take the chance to explore this compelling exploration of biblical connections and discover new insights into the book of Matthew.

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