Your Money Is A Mirage

Best Sermon Ever. | Week: 8

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Recommended Books:

The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn This book breaks down Jesus’s teaching in Matthew 6 and challenges the way Christians view giving. It also includes answers to frequently asked questions about how to live generously in everyday life.

Recommended Articles:

Desiring God: Don't Be Anxious, Lay Up Treasure in Heaven In this article, John Piper points us to a plethora of passages relating to the topic of laying up treasures in heaven. He also explains the grace that comes when we embrace a giving spirit instead of focusing on accumulating our resources. 

The Gospel Coalition: Lay Up Your Treasure in Heaven This is a short article that simply lays out the practical approach we can take when it comes to laying up treasures in heaven. It also reminds us of the value of following Christ compared to the things of this world which quickly pass away. 

Desiring God: Anxious About Nothing This article addresses anxiety and how we all struggle with it in our age of mass information. It points out the root cause of our anxiety and offers steps for recognizing it, working through it with spiritual disciplines, and framing it against God’s perfect character. 

Patty Wysong and Erin Childers Blog

Treasures in Heaven, Part 1 

Lay up Treasures (i.e. People) in Heaven - Reformation 21

Matthew 6 Calvin's Commentaries

Recommended Podcasts:

Let's Talk: Fear and Anxiety

Podcasts | Cornerstone Church - Warehouse 

Recommended Videos:

Sanctification: Examining Fear and Anxiety Matt Chandler sermon on how to deal with fear and anxiety and how the work of the cross sets us free.

Peace–Overcoming Anxiety Timothy Keller sermon on how your mindset affects anxiety and how to find peace.

Treasure vs. Money Tim Keller preaches on how to break free from our slavery to money by treasuring Jesus, who was willing to pay the ultimate price so that we may be his ultimate treasure.

Recommended Sermons:

Other Recommended Resources:

Song: First Things First (Matthew 6) by Shane and Shane and Kingdom Kids

 Song - This is the Kingdom by Elevation Worship