From Doubt to Belief

This Is My Story | Week: 3

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Who is Nicodemus in the Bible?

The Gospel Coalition: The Dead Cannot See

Do you ever wonder about the meaning of being "born again" in Christianity? In John's Gospel, Nicodemus, a respected Pharisee, and religious leader, comes to Jesus seeking understanding. However, Jesus's teachings about new birth and the kingdom of God challenge Nicodemus's knowledge and expose his spiritual blindness. Through this encounter, we see that being born again is not just a physical rebirth but a spiritual awakening to the reality of God's saving grace. This article explores the meaning of being "born again" in Christianity and its significance for believers. It also dives into the importance of committing to Jesus Christ and its transformative power in one's life. Take advantage of this insightful article that will deepen your understanding of this important aspect of the Christian faith!

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