Jesus Flipping Tables

Come & See | Week: 3

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Please explore the following resources that our Resource Team curated. We think they will help you as you dive deeper into the topics discussed in our sermon series Come & See.

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Recommended Articles:

The Gospel Coalition: "Would Jesus Turn Over Tables in Today's Church?" This article provides us with some necessary context for the purpose of the moneychangers and merchants during Passover by framing up the Jewish traditions of the time. Using this context, it then offers three reasons for Jesus’s anger and reminds us that He is the truer, better temple. 

Desiring God: "Jesus Turns the Tables" While written through the lens of Holy Week and Easter, this article still provides some helpful insight for this week’s passage. It challenges us with these questions: How well does our worship prefigure the prophetic vision of the new creation? Do our relational investments and our corporate gatherings reflect, even in a small way, the heart of a God who gathers the outcasts? 

Ligonier Ministries: "Jesus Cleanses the Temple" This is a short article/devotional that provides some cultural context for Jesus cleansing the temple, and it connects it to other passages for further study.

Ligonier Ministries: "The Temple of Jesus' Body" This is a short article/devotional that explains how John 2:18-22 is important for our doctrine of the Trinity as it helps us see the principle of inseparable operations. This passage also helps us understand, as the disciples and Pharisees did not, that Jesus is the true temple. 

Blog | Cornerstone Church - Righteous Anger in Unrighteous Age - Erin Childers

Recommended Podcasts:

Podcasts | Cornerstone Church Warehouse- Have you ever heard a sermon and thought, "how in the world did he discover that?" Or "Where did he get that idea?" Every week at Cornerstone Church, two teams dig into the biblical text that will be taught during our weekend services. We spend hours talking about the text, context, culture, you name it. But you can't stuff ALL that into a 30-minute message. That's where we come in. We'll show you the stuff in the warehouse that didn't make it to the stage.

With the Perry's: "Dealing with Anger" In this podcast, the Perrys dissect the difference between the righteous anger and the unrighteous anger that all Christians deal with at some point. They argue that righteous anger compels us to be more like Christ–paying special attention to Jesus cleansing the temple in the final minutes. 

Recommended Videos:

David Platt: "The Temple is Cleansed" In this short video, David Platt shortly teaches that Jesus cleansing the temple serves as a warning to us all against removing God from the center of worship. He then leads a prayer–reminding us that there is power when we pray through a text instead of just reading it. 

Bible Project: "Why the Temple Is So Important in the Bible" In this video, it explores how Israel’s temple in the Bible is described as the place where God’s space and humanity’s space are one. In fact, the whole biblical drama can be told as a story about God’s temple. In the person of Jesus, God takes up personal residence in his temple-world. By the end of the biblical story, all of creation has become God’s sacred temple. 

The Gospel of John reveals that Jesus is God in human form.

Recommended Sermons:

R.C. Sproul: "The Fig Tree and the Temple" In this sermon, Sproul teaches on this week’s lessons, but he uses the Gospel of Mark instead. He examines Christ’s judgment against the religious hypocrisy of Israel and the warning this presents for us today.

John Piper: "Destroy This Temple, and in Three Days I Will Raise It Up" In this sermon, Piper breaks down John 2:12-22 and explores the various implications from this passage. He answers various questions such as: “What made Jesus so angry?” and “What does it mean when Jesus says He will destroy and rebuild the temple?”

Other Recommended Resources:

Song- "Turn the Tables" by Caroline Cobb 

Song- "Resurrender" by Hillsong Worship