A Thrill of Hope...

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We are entering a season of awaiting Christ together, celebrating His coming at Christmas, and longing for His return.
We will be journeying through four major themes of Advent: Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love, with additional Christmas Eve and Christmas Day devotionals.

This year we are beginning our Advent focus on November 27 and ending on December 25.
If you start late or miss a day, try to catch up, but don’t let this stop you from completing the study! If you’ve fallen behind, you can always simply rejoin on the appropriate day when you are able. 

A weekly post will introduce each theme, including a devotional for the week. There will also be a daily post that includes reflection questions for that day and prayer prompts for you to use.

We designed this Advent Journey as a family devotional, but do not put a limit on your picture of a “family.”
This study is for: parents with kids of all ages, couples with no children, empty nesters, singles, college students, small groups, or friends.

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Formed from a Latin word meaning “coming” or “arrival,” Advent is the traditional celebration of the first advent of Jesus in humility and the anxious awaiting of His second advent in glory. The season is a time for remembering and rejoicing, watching and waiting.

In American Christianity, we’ve got that first part down. We start decorating the tree and listening to our favorite Christmas songs as soon as Thanksgiving is over (and sometimes even before). There’s nothing wrong with doing these things, of course, but the whole point of Advent is to spend several weeks preparing for Christmas instead of celebrating Christmas.

It’s about stepping into the shoes of the Israelites, longing and crying out for the Messiah to come. It’s about reflecting on our sins, our shortcomings, and our need for a Savior. It’s about looking around at our broken world and hoping for the second coming of Jesus. And, once we get to Christmas Day, the celebration of Jesus’ birth becomes that much more spectacular and meaningful.

We will light the candles once a week on Sunday, starting November 27, and the last candle will be lit on Christmas Eve. This symbol is borrowed from the emphasis throughout Scripture of Jesus Christ being the Light of the World (Matt. 4:16; John 1:4–9; 8:12). Each week, a new candle is lit in anticipation of Christmas Eve. The last candle, the Christ Candle, is lit on Christmas Eve to represent Jesus’ first advent. We see a picture of the gospel through this theme of ever-increasing light penetrating the darkness.

Regardless of the tradition, Advent is a significant time in the life of the Church. It’s an opportunity for believers to remember God’s promise to send One who would overcome sin and death forever. God promised a Savior, and He kept that promise perfectly.