Follow: Grow - Week 2

Jun 16, 2024    Michael Nave

Check out these resources gathered by our Resource Team!


Family Discipleship: Leading Your Home through Time, Moments, and Milestones by Matt Chandler & Adam Griffin 

“Pastors Matt Chandler and Adam Griffin have made it their mission to help you develop a sustainable rhythm of gospel-centered discipleship focused in three key areas: time, moments, and milestones. Filled with suggestions, sample plans, and Scripture references, this book begins with the end in mind―equipping you to create a unique plan for your family as you raise your children in the love and fear of the Lord.” This is an excellent resource for fathers who are looking to grow in the way they lead their families! 

Midnight Dad Devotional: 100 Devotions and Prayers to Connect Dads Just Like You to the Father

“Every stage of being a dad comes with its own set of challenges. But one challenge encompasses them all--how do I become the best dad I can be? In Midnight Dad Devotional, author Becky Thompson joins her dad, Dr. Mark Pitts, to lead you on a journey of discovering the Father's heart so you can be encouraged, strengthened, and challenged in your role as a dad.”


Got Questions Ministries - How Should I Understand the Concept of the Father God?

This article focuses on the book of 1st John and the reason God is referred to as “Father” through action and relationship. “What is interesting to note here is that John does not say, “The Father loves us.” In doing so, he would be describing a condition. Instead, he tells us that the Father has “lavished” His love on us, and this, in turn, portrays an action and the extent of God’s love…Through Jesus we receive the Father’s love and are called “children of God.”


Bible Project - David, the Priestly King 

“By the time Israel becomes a nation, their priesthood is already totally corrupt. So the people ask for a king to lead them and God anoints David. In this video, we’ll explore David’s role as a priestly king and his failure to live up to this calling. The story of David ultimately points to the arrival of Jesus, the true royal priest who will bring the blessings of Eden and restore humans to their divine calling.” 

Spoken Gospel - 1 & 2 Samuel: The Bible Explained

“The books of 1 & 2 Samuel narrate the beginning of Israel's monarchy with the rise and fall of King Saul and King David. The true King of Israel will humbly listen to God's word, and God's Kingdom will be established in humility, not pride. But both Saul and David fail to be this humble King and fail to build the nation God desires. It is only Jesus who humbly listens to the voice of God. It is only Jesus who establishes a nation of humility. And it is only Jesus who can cause every proud king to bow.”

Empowering Word - David: The Unexpected Choice

This teaching on God’s selection of young David as king was published by Empowering Word TV, and explores the themes of what God desires of us and in us, and how we can have the heart of the Father.


Louie Giglio - The Perfect Father

This message preached by Pastor Louie Giglio and Passion City Church presents the issues we may bring with us concerning 6 basic types of dads: absent, abusive, performance-based, passive, antagonistic, and empowering. No matter what type of dad we have encountered, God “is not the reflection of your dad, He is the perfection of your dad”. He is not just “the bigger version” of whatever dad you experienced, but the perfected one.

Matt Chandler - Manhood Restored

This is an excellent sermon for Father’s Day, whether for biological, adoptive, or spiritual fathers. Matt Chandler tackles two primary questions: Is there a distinction between being a male and a godly man? Do men have a unique responsibility as men? He argues that when we get this wrong, it not only impacts the way men in the church lead their families, but it also hurts the church as a whole. 

Alistair Begg - For Myself a King (Part 1)

“When Saul’s disobedience prompted the Lord’s rejection of his kingship, Samuel was sent to anoint a new king over Israel. This time God, not the people, chose the king. Paraded before Samuel, Jesse’s older sons were impressive to the human eye—yet God rejected them in favor of the youngest, David. Although we see with the eyes, explains Alistair Begg, God sees according to His sovereign will and purposes.” 

Alistair Begg - For Myself a King (Part 2)

“Those familiar with the story of 1 Samuel know King David as “a man after God’s own heart.” Alistair Begg helps us consider how this description speaks more to God’s character than to David’s. David was not anointed as king because of his personal qualities. Rather, God chose him according to His electing love and perfect will. Many years later, God would choose another King to come from Bethlehem—one even greater, who would be the Savior of His people.” 


Warehouse Podcast 

Welcome to The Warehouse! Has a Sunday sermon ever left you running to Google with new theological questions? Have you ever wished that you could peer behind the curtain to see how the message comes together? That’s where we come in! Here at Cornerstone Church, we spend hours every week talking about the Bible. This is the place to learn about Scripture, dive into its context, and study the Bible’s cultural background. Come to the Warehouse–where we’ll extend the stuff you learn from the stage. 

Bible Project - David, the Latecomer King

This Bible Project episode is part of their Firstborn Podcast Series, and features the transition of power and authority from Judges to kings and the story of God appointing David as King of Israel. “God continues to work with and bless the least likely people, such as David. This case study in human idols that fail to deliver shows us that God does not see as humans see”.

Ask Pastor John - Envisioning Fatherhood

“...And the issue is, it is not enough to just work and come home and sit because you are drained from being able to engage your family. No, one of the things that men have to do is they have to have moments and times regularly during the week in which they are specifically engaging in knowing where their kids are.” 

The Dad Tired Podcast

“On The Dad Tired Podcast, host Jerrad Lopes dives deep into conversations around marriage, parenthood, and everything in between. Featuring celebrity guests like Tony Dungy, Gary Chapman, John Mark Comer, and Paul David Tripp, this is the podcast for thoughtful, faithful dads who are ready to be more intentional with faith, family, and fatherhood.” 

Spoken Gospel - Samuel Introduction

“The books of Samuel introduce and develop the ideas of kingship and kingdom. The king Samuel describes is supposed to humbly listen to God's voice, which is primarily heard through the prophets. Seth and David talk about how Jesus is not just our humble King but as the one who coronates us to rule and reign with him.” 


Paul Tripp - Parenting is Gospel Ministry

“Parenting is much more than controlling the behavior of your children. Parenting is actually about heart exposure and heart change. We know only Jesus Christ can create the kind of lasting change in the human heart that will transform behavior. In this workshop, Paul Tripp speaks on how to let the gospel shape what you say and do with the children who have been entrusted to your care.” Great resource for dads (and moms!) on this Father’s Day. 

Jen Wilkin - 1 Samuel: New King

“Despite the disobedience we have already seen from Saul in 1 Samuel, Samuel rightly grieves the king’s downfall. Still, God immediately commissions the prophet to anoint the next king of Israel, this time one of His own choosing. In these chapters, we will see both Saul’s demise and David’s rise to the throne.” This is a seminar taken from an Old Testament Institute course at The Village Church.

God the Father: Basic Training with R.C. Sproul

This video provided by Ligonier Ministries is a short lesson from a young R.C. Sproul covering the history and purposes of including “Father” as a Christian confession of the person and identity of God.


Cody Carnes - Run To The Father (Official Lyric Video)  / Who You Say I Am (Acoustic), by Hillsong Worship / Zach Williams (live from Harding Prison), No Longer Slaves / How Deep The Father’s Love For Us by Mission House and Citizens/ Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin