Seen. Known. Loved. - You Make His Face Shine

Jul 7, 2024    Michael Nave

Check out these resources gathered by our Resource Team!


The Other Half of Church by Jim Wilder & Michel Hendricks

“Join Michel and Jim's journey as they couple brain science with the Bible to identify how to overcome spiritual stagnation by living a full-brained faith. You'll also learn the four ingredients necessary to develop and maintain a vibrant transformational community where spiritual formation occurs, relationships flourish, and the toxic spread of narcissism is eradicated.” This book was part of the inspiration for our “In My Circle” sermon series! 


Desiring God - Hope Makes a Broken Heart Bigger

“For those living on this side of the cross, one of the simplest and most powerful statements of suffering hope comes from the apostle Paul: “We rejoice in hope of the glory of God” (Romans 5:2). Where does supernatural joy come from — the kind that can worship while weeping, and then emerge from suffering with a tender and trusting heart? Only from stubborn hope in the coming glory of God.”

Gospel Coalition - How Romans 5 Brought Me to Christ When Suffering Had Killed My Faith

“God worked through suffering—the suffering of his beloved Son—to accomplish the greatest feat in the history of mankind. When our eyes fail to discern God’s love, we can cling to the truth that Jesus knows our suffering, because he endured it, too.” 


Bible Project - God's Consistent Posture Toward All Humanity

“What does it mean to say that the God of the Bible is gracious? In this video, we’ll look at the Hebrew words for grace and understand it to be a rich concept that has profound implications for how we see God (and how he sees us!). When we look to the biblical meaning of grace and understand God as gracious, we see a God who loves to give generous gifts to undeserving people.”

Desiring God - How to Know God Loves You

“In this short clip, John Piper explains that God doesn’t show his love for us by giving us health, wealth, and prosperity. He reveals his love to us by giving us more of himself.”

Paul Washer - Believer, You're Loved by God!

“If I could pray one thing for you, I mean above everything else, if you are truly a child of God, if I could give you one gift – it would be that you would comprehend something of His love for you.”

Bible Project - God Loves You, But What Does That Mean? (According to the Bible)

“The Hebrew word khesed is one of the most common descriptions of God in the Hebrew Bible, and it’s almost impossible to translate into any other language! This word is rich with meaning, combining the ideas of love, loyalty, and generosity. Join us as we explore this fascinating Hebrew word and how it shapes our understanding of God’s character.”


Matt Chandler - God and Suffering

“Suffering is (unfortunately) inevitable, but it’s not the end — instead of temporary happiness, God offers us eternal joy when we look to Him during trials. Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor of The Village Church, walks us through the Book of Job to remind us that even though we live in a broken world, God draws close to the brokenhearted.”

Francis Chan - Trusting What God Says About Me 

“Francis Chan invites us to take steps forward into trusting what God says about us rather than relying on our own opinions and feelings about ourselves. While we struggle with our identity and not measuring up to human standards, Francis illuminates the scriptures identifying us as God's richest inheritance.”

Alistair Begg - How Deep the Father's Love

“God the Father has unmeasured love for His people. The supreme manifestation of this love is displayed at the cross of Christ. In that provision, the Father arranged for our atonement, and the Son willingly laid down His life. And still today, the Spirit opens the eyes of our hearts to the salvation that was procured—a salvation that is for all rebels who turn from their sinful ways and trust Christ.”

Tim Keller - The Way to Endurance

“The Bible says that Christians have a unique ability to rejoice in their sufferings. What does it mean to rejoice in your sufferings? This sermon on Romans 5:1-10 will explore 1) What rejoicing in suffering is not, 2) What rejoicing in suffering is, and 3) How does rejoicing in suffering work?”


Warehouse Podcast 

Welcome to The Warehouse! Has a Sunday sermon ever left you running to Google with new theological questions? Have you ever wished that you could peer behind the curtain to see how the message comes together? That’s where we come in! Here at Cornerstone Church, we spend hours every week talking about the Bible. This is the place to learn about Scripture, dive into its context, and study the Bible’s cultural background. Come to the Warehouse–where we’ll extend the stuff you learn from the stage.

Bible Project - The Powerful and the Not Powerful

“In the book of Romans, Paul talks about humanity being justified by faith, but what does this have to do with the family of God? In this episode, Tim and Jon look at Paul’s letter to the Romans and unpack what it looks like to unify a diverse group of people into one family.”

Knowing Faith - Justified by Faith

“Jen Wilkin, JT English, and Kyle Worley look at Romans 5:1-11 and discuss justification by faith.”

Ask Pastor John - I Know God Loves Me, but Does He Like Me?

“It seems to me that what’s needed is to discover an actual experience of being enjoyed by God and pleasing God and God smiling upon us and having pleasure in us. What’s needed for that to happen is three things: (1) a framework for understanding the love of God in its different dimensions; (2) a big bath of biblical text; (3) a specific outpouring of the Holy Spirit.”